3 Immense Benefits of having Writing Circles

A writer’s journey to relevance and professional acclaim can be quite rocky and arguably tiresome, in a world where, truthfully, anyone can write! – If they put their mind to it, at least. And it probably didn’t take so long for most writers today to learn about some of the aesthetics to literary growth and … Continue reading 3 Immense Benefits of having Writing Circles

Out the Box

I was watching a football game between Chelsea FC and Leicester FC last week; it wasn't entirely a very competitive game though, as Chelsea dominated proceedings soon after the starting whistle and maintained that till the game ended. One thing did strike me though: a statement - that threw me quite unexpectedly into a domino … Continue reading Out the Box

‘Can You See Me?’…. Episode Six

**JASON OGBONNA’S RESIDENCE** --------------------------------------------- **(Jason had just experienced the most eventful day in his life; the drive back home from the police headquarters was the longest he’d had in his life. Beauty had cried all the way back after realizing she was pregnant at the time of her death. She’d asked so many questions and … Continue reading ‘Can You See Me?’…. Episode Six

‘Can You See Me?’…. Episode Five

**NIGERIAN POLICE CID/HEADQUARTERS** **Inspector Marvis Igho and Jason are seen walking slowly down a hallway, conversing about the shocking nature of all chats found on Betty’s phone. Jason keeps looking around systematically, if he can see Beauty who’d suddenly ‘disappeared’** ---------------------------------- “My man, Jason, this is clearly a bigger case than I thought. The deceased … Continue reading ‘Can You See Me?’…. Episode Five

‘Can You See Me?’…. Episode Four

**BACK AT JASON’S HOUSE** **Jason had passed out from the realization that he had brought a ghost home, Beauty meanwhile, was still oblivious of what he’d just realized as she pours a bucket of water on his face** **He springs back to consciousness** “What? Wait! Why I'm I wet? '' "Well, you fainted. I had … Continue reading ‘Can You See Me?’…. Episode Four

‘Can You See Me?’…. Episode Three

“It’s a bright sunny afternoon here at Idoga crescent, in Lodswat Estate, Lekki. And I’m standing just outside St. Paul’s Hospital where last night, popular Nigerian afro pop artiste Beauty Mark was found dead in her hospital room from a yet to be disclosed cause. We are yet to receive an official statement from any … Continue reading ‘Can You See Me?’…. Episode Three